ASPECC will be hosting an ORGASM fundraiser!  All Bodies and Genders Welcome (ages 18+)

Help us raise funds for our Shame Free Sex Education Program!

There are three ways to participate.

  1. You can purchase a ticket to come and enjoy the show as various pledges demonstrate their orgasm techniques, show us their “o” face, or let us bask in the sounds of their pleasure!
  2. Do you want to participate?  Grab a pledge sheet from the front desk (or email, and start collecting pledges, and sign up for your time slot in the booth of your choice.
  3. We also encourage you to pledge to one or more of the participants!  If you would like to pledge a certain room, email us, we will match you with a participant.


All Persons pledging will receive a user name and password that will grant them access to the video for the orgasm room!  Participants are able to book over a two week period to film/record their orgasm.  Please note that participants are encouraged to determine what type of recording they wish:  They can choose audio only, video only, stills only or any combination of two or more of these options.  Participants may also use props and costumes, and lighting tricks, to disguise themselves.  At the event there will be orgasm stations set up for those wanting to participate on the spot, rather than filming/recording ahead of time!

Orgasm Stations:

We have 6 partitioned stations for privacy, participants can open or close their privacy curtain.  ALL stations require that appropriate barriers are used throughout creating orgasms.

Station 1: Hitachi Wand

Station 2: Hands only

Station 3 Sybian Ride

Station 4: Bring your own ride

Station 5: Helping hand (bring your own partner)

Station 6: Anal Joy (bring your own toy or order one ahead of time,


We are also working on gaining sponsors to offer some contests!  Stay Tuned!