No to Trump

This comes from my heart, and I only speak for me.
Everything we (those supporting ASPECC, our volunteers, board members, sponsors, partners) have worked our butts off for stands in opposition to the nastiness that is Donald Trump, and waking this morning to see our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s warm, accepting speech to Trump was crushing.
Yes, I absolutely understand that Canada is not about to go to war with the USA, and that some sort of polite Canadian response was required.
But Trudeau, really?  To say that we share values in light of what this… this so called president has demonstrated he stands for is a slap in the face of all the progress we have made in the last few years.
Gay Marriage?  Trump is oh so not in favor of that.
Rape? Yup, Trump views women as objects there for him and other fellas to grab and (ewwww) kiss, ”take”.
Racism?  You but.  I can’t think of any ethnicity that isn’t “white” that Trump has not shat on during his campaign.
Classist? Yup.  Poor people are stupid.  Rich people are smart.
(this is nowhere near a complete list)
And let’s get personal shall we?  Because Trump has already tweeted that Canada is getting a wall too (oh gawd, yes please, but first let out all the people terrified.  Let him govern a country of only his believers.  Those that voted for him deserve him).
I honestly did not think Trump would win.  I believed that the people of America were not bigots, that his supporters were a small but loud portion of the USA.
It hurts my heart.  I really, badly hurts, that someone like this was chosen as the person to represent what once a great country.
I am sending love and support to all those who are currently marginalized in the USA, as well as those who are about to discover that they have less privilege with Trump in power than they thought.   I certainly hope that having a bigoted big brother in charge does not influence Canadian Government in backsliding on the progress we have made so far in working towards a system of equality.
Stay positive.
Angel Sumka

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