Youth Artists

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Artists (Listed Alphabetically by Last Name)

Mandie LJ (they/she) is a queer artist from Edmonton AB. When they are not making art, they either excited/agonizing about making art, engaged in queer activism, jamming with their band of queer and trans babes, writing songs and poems, watching horror movies, or taking chronically ill downtime. She hopes for eternal summer, universal inclusivity and acceptance of all people and all bodies, and to share vulnerability and authenticity with as many humans as possible.

Find her/them on Facebook as Mandie Lauren Jichita, instagram as Mandielaurenj, and Tumblr as Magicflyingpanda.


Maddy Willock is a 16 year old artist who currently attends Spruce Grove Composite High School.  Maddy has been taking art more seriously the past few years, looking for any way to artistically grow.  The majority of Maddy’s work falls under the Fantasy genre, with almost all of her pieces she strives for surrealism.  Maddy creates digital and traditional art, her traditional art ranging from simply inked pieces, to marker pieces, water colour and acrylic.