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About Us


In 2012, born out of a need to decrease intimate partner violence, sexual assault and sexual harassment, a group of like-minded individuals gathered together with the idea of providing a sex positive hub where community members could access comprehensive, inclusive information and education around sexual health, consent adn healthy relationships.

In order to foster a spirit of inclusion and openness to learning, a policy “ASPECC’s Safer Space Policy” was created, to ensure that individuals who are often the most vulnerable to intimate violence could access the space without fear of oppression within the space AND to ensure that folk who ar most privileged in society have the tools and space to explore experiences outside of their own in order to unpack their own sex negative (and sexual assault supporting) biases. This policy was developed after extensive consultation with groups and organizations, such as the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton, the Association for Sexual Assault Services, Alberta Society for the Promotion of Sexual Health, Edmonton Police, Compass Sexual Health and Wellness, HIV Edmonton, the Friendship Society, Pride Edmonton, and in consultation with our community through surveys and round tables. Our Safer Space Policy is not merely a list of prohibited behaviours, but includes protocals to ensure this policy is actionable.

Once we had our framework and protocols in place we found ourselves a space. And in 2014, Advocating for Sex Positive Education & Consent Culture was founded. With our 5000 Sq. Ft. space we started out with workshops and presentations on Consent, healthy boundaries and Social Skills for Sex and Intimacy. We trained volunteers to offer workshops on sexual health and inclusivity, knowing that the former is vital for destigmatizing conversations around sex, sexuality and sexual health; and the latter to address the societal marginalizaiton of specific demographics that is strongly correlated to intimate violence.

Once our basic programming was up and running we began to fill gaps in our community resources by providing workshops, presentations and community discussions around gender, sexuality and sexual diversity, with the purpose of destigmazting and reducing the impact shame and secrecy has on society-with the long term purpose of reudcing sexually assualting behaviours.

In January 2021, due to financial restraints created by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, ASPECC moved out of its physical space and into providing only online programming.

In April 2022 Alberta Sex Positive Education & Community Centre changes it’s name to Advocating for Sex Positive Education & Consent Culture.

Who Are We

Advocating for Sex Positive Education & Consent Culture is a grassroots non-profit corporation with charity status in the province of Alberta. We are located in Edmonton, Alberta (ᐊᒥᐢᑿᒌᐚᐢᑲᐦᐃᑲᐣ (Amiskwacîwâskahikan)). We offer shame-free, comprehensive and consent focused sex-positive education and resources. Offering a Safe(r) Space that is an inviting, engaging, and supportive environment in which all people feel comfortable to be themselves without fear of discrimination or judgment. At ASPECC we not only welcome persons of all sexualities, races, body types, genders, abilities, religions and cultures (and any other label you might wonder about), we will uphold the right of all members to be treated with dignity, respect and decency.


To faciliate meaningful sexual health and wellness education and supports that are based on current, evidence-based research; aimed at decreasing sexualized/gender-based violence and supporting the inclusion of equity deserving populations, particularly women/girls and LGBTQIA2S++ persons through community awareness building. We facilitate meaningful language application of sex positive education and awareness from an anti-oppressive and intersectional lens.


Our vision is to promote the value and uselfullness of comprehensive sexual health and wellness education, and that by doing so we will reduce sexualized violence, gender based violence, destigmatizing sexuality, foster sexual health, promote healthy relationships and the full inclusion of women and queer persons in society.


  • Consent – The essence of our Safe(r) Space Policy, clearly ask the question and wait for a clearly stated “yes”.
  • Education – We offer high-quality comprehensive shame-free sex-positive education grounded in consent, inclusivity, equality and social justice.
  • Safe(r) – The visible presence of allies that can help to shape a culture that is accepting of all people, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity/ expression, or any other difference.
  • Intersectional- We welcome persons of all sexualities, races, body types, genders, abilities, religions and cultures (and any other label you might wonder about), and recognize that there are many factors that create barriers to access and increase vulnerability to harm. We actively work to decolonize our own view of sexuality, sexual health and healthy relationships.

What We Do

  1. We provide direct instruction thorugh our sexual health and wellness workshops and presentation Through:
    • Online asynchronous learning
    • Online Webinars
    • At universities, schools and colleges
    • Collaborative efforts with other nonprofits, organizations and businesses
    • In person learning opportunities
    • Professinoal Development to reduce barriers to services that support sexual health and wellness.
  2. We facilitate workshops and presentations by other sex-positive individuals and groups.
  3. We host LGBTQIA2S++ meets and socials.
  4. We host sex-positive events (Sex Positive Paint Night!)
  5. We network with other sex-positive nonprofits to develop community programs that promote sex-positive values.


Sex-positive is a term to reflect a set of values, beliefs and attitudes regarding sexual activity as a healthy, pleasurable form of human expression.  At ASPECC we promote and embrace consensual sexuality in all its diversity. We follow the evidence-based model of AFFIRMATIVE CONSENT, which is freely given without any coercion or pressure, sober, revocable at any time, informed, enthusiastic, reciprocating, and specific to the time, place and context that it is given.

Sexuality is a very diverse topic that includes the type of people we are attracted to, the types of activities that bring us sexual pleasure, and the freedom to celebrate our sexuality in ways that are meaningful to us.  At ASPECC we are always seeking ways to help others find comfort with their own sexuality and to learn and accept the sexuality of others.

Safe(r) Space

ASPECC spaces are SAFE(R) SPACES, meaning we have zero tolerance for discrimination, prejudicial behaviour, bullying, harassment or any other disruptive or negative behaviours. We have strict rules against any hateful speech or actions. Those who cannot abide by these rules will be unable to attend the Centre. The Safe(r) Space Title above this paragraph can be clicked on to download our Safe(r) Space Guidelines.

​To be VERY clear:

At ASPECC we not only welcome persons of all sexualities, races, body types, genders, abilities, religions and cultures (and any other label you might wonder about), we will uphold the right of all members to be treated with dignity, respect and decency.

Anyone who wishes to demonstrate aggressive or hateful behaviours will be removed from the premises. Our staff is trained to handle all complaints regarding aggression and discrimination. PLEASE, if you have any problems with any staff or attendee, notify us at your earliest convenience.

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