Acting President/Chair: Phoenyx (Nix) Peterson (They/Them)

Phoenyx is passionate about sex positivity. consent, and education. They hold a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from MacEwan University and is currently working on their Bachelor of Arts in Gender and Women’s Studies from Athabasca University. They have recently stepped into the Acting President role and is looking forward to continuing to work with ASPECC on the board.  Phoenyx also hosts the Mental Health and Alternative Lifestyles Support Circle, Kinky & Nerdy (with their co-host Kate (she//her), Figure Drawing with their Co-host Kate, and the 30+ Sex Positive Party.

Contact :


CEO: Mark Dorsey (he/him)

Mark is also one of the founders of ASPECC and is the current VP/CEO of the organization.  Mark is passionate about sex positivity, consensual and ethical sexuality.  Mark is responsible for our procedures and policies.

Mark has been presenting on alternative lifestyle topics for 5+ years, focusing on ethics and risk reduction, and is a guest lecturer at Grant Macewan and the University of Alberta.



Treasurer: Stephanie Umpherville (she/her)

Stephanie is a business major with a love for numbers!  Stephanie is also co-owner of Metal Weaves, a lovely business that sells custom chain link jewelry.



Online Community Director: Rebecca Wagner (she/her)

Rebecca is the driving force behind our online community building!



Director of Information Technology: Jason Wagner

Jason (they) hosts the website, updates the technology in ways that seem magic to the rest of the board.  If you have issues with the website or other tech related ASPECC programs, please contact Jason.



Education Coordinator: Albe McClintic (she/her)

Albe (she/her) is enthusiastic about sex positive education and programming and promoting a sex positive culture in community.  She is the host of the Cross Dressing Social, Newbie Rope Social and the Newbie Workshop/Social.



Public Relations Coordinator: Alice Louise-Phipps (she/her)

Alice has an educational background in communications, and her professional experiences have been quite dynamic, while maintaining strong volunteer commitments in pursuit of giving back and developing strong communities. Alice’s community work led her to be recognized in the news magazine, Edmontonians, in a special feature called Sizzling Twenty under 30.



Social Media: Violet Runge (she/her)

Violet (she/her) is seeking your sex positive memes!  You can share them on the Discord meme group (contact Violet to get added to our discord chaneel) or to  Violet is currently focused on growing our instagram, as well as helping to maintain our Facebook, Twitter and other accounts.  Violet currently hosts Slutty Saturday, co-hosts (with Sammy (she/her) the ASPECC Munch, Kinky Karaoke,  and co-hosts (with Sammy (she.her) the Cuddlebugs Club. .


ASPECC Team Leads

Allison Tunis (she.her): Queer Youth Art Club

Sammy (she.her), Violet (she/her), Adora (She.her): Youth Team

Veronica (she.her) : Marketing Consultant

Azaleah Rose (they/them) : Sex Positive Art Showcase and Media Graphics

Miiko (she/her)  Patreon

Kyle (she/her): General inquiries

Darleen (she/her) Website Resource Management