Alberta Sex Positive Education & Community Centre
November 10, 2019
12031 76 street NW, Edmonton, AB T5B 2C1
Commencement Time: 10:00 am
1) Meeting Opening (5 minutes)
1.1 Mission Statement
“Alberta Sex Positive Education and Community Centre promotes sex positive values in
the Greater Edmonton Region by offering and facilitating workshops. We will further this
goal by sharing space with other sex positive groups, organizations at low to no cost
and we will strive to be a sex positive hub for Albertans to access sex positive
1.2 Minutes of October 20, 2019 Meeting
2) Board Business
2.1 Year in Review (Phoenyx Peterson)
2.2 Approve Audited Financial Statements, including financial Board reports
2.3 Receive proposed budget (Stephanie Umpherville)
2.4 Receive IT Report (Jason Wagner)
2.5 Receive Social Media Report (Violet Runge)
2.6 Receive Community Engagement Report (Alice Louis-Phipps)
2.7 Receive Policies and Procedures Report (Mark Dorsey)
2.8 Receive Project Administrator report (Angel Sumka)
3) Call for Nominations
3.1 President
3.2 CEO
3.3 Treasurer
3.4 Secretary
3.5 General Board Positions
4) Board steps down; new Board convenes
5) Elect or confirm current auditor
6) Call for other new business
7) Questions and Answer period
8) Set next meeting date
9) Adjourn meeting


If you have something to add to the agenda, please email