ASPECC requires that ALL PERSONS entering the space have this app on their phone, and WORKING the entire time they are in the space.   If you are unwilling/unable to do this, you will have to forgo using the space until this @%^$@!! health crisis is truly over.  If the app being released from teh federal government is better, we may switch to that.


How the app works:

  1. Your app will assign you a digital ID.  That ID is stored ONLY ON YOUR PHONE.
  2. The app only runs when you have bluetooth on, which will be required at ASPECC
  3. When your phone comes within 12 feet (ish) of another phone with the app running, both phones record the contact, using ENCRYPTED information and the ANONYMOUS ID.
  4. If someone gets COVID19, AB health ASKS the if they have the app, then ASKS permission to activate the trace. It is our hope you will say YES and then the app can send a text message to all the phones (if they had the app running) you came into contact with during the incubation period.  IT DOES NOT TRACK GPS OR ANY OTHER INFO.  I REPEAT, this app cannot tell alberta health where you have been.
  5. Those folks then get a message, asking them to get tested.

Seriously, that is is.  No data gets sent anywhere without your info, and the only data it collects is what phones it came into contact with IF those phones are running the app.


And for folks hesitant, we get it.  Everyone gets to set their own values and to act accordingly.  But for the safety of our guests, members and volunteers, we will not be permitting people into the space unless that app is running.

**NOTE** If you have a phone in your car, your phone pings off of towers and stores gps data that provides a TONNE more info to any intersted authorities.  Not sure what you all are up to, that this is a concern, but there ya go.