Meet the Team


Angel (She/They)
Program Administrator/Sex Educator & In-house sex coach

Angel (she/they) is one of the original founders of ASPECC and is the volunteer who runs the day-to-day tasks at ASPECC, as well as builds workshops, training modules and offers various presentations. They are currently enrolled in a MACP (masters of counselling program) at Yorkville and they hold the following certifications: Bachelors of Psychology via TRU, Peers Program Provider via UCLA, First responder to Sexual Assault via AASAS, Sex Educator via American College of Sexologists, Sex Coach via LoveologyU.

Stephen (He/They)
Website Administrator

Stephen (he/they) is a relatively new volunteer with the ASPECC community, he is the administrator for the ASPECC, YEGQYC and upcoming Pleasure Crew websites. He is a 2 spirit queer individual, extremely nerdy with a geeky streak. Strongly passionate about healthy shame-free sex education and promoting sex positive values through open communication. When they are not in front of the computer they can usually be found watching Dr. Who (or the like), hiking, camping or on an impromptu road trip.

Joe (He/Him)
The Pleasure Crew Social Media Manager

Joe (he/him) manages The Pleasure Crew Social Media. He is a bisexual demiguy who has found a community in ASPECC. When he’s not helping out with the website, he can sometimes be found in online hangouts discussing cocktail recipes from science fiction.

Theo (He/Him)
ASPECC FetLife Manager

Theo (he/him) manages the ASPECC FetLife account.

Jason (He/They)
Event Posting Manager/Volunteer Coordinator

Jason (he/they) currently looks after event posting, which is a surprisingly monumental task! They are tacking both their volunteer position and their personal sex positive journey with authenticity and humour filled snark. Jason is one of the newer additions to our volunteer lead team, and has already proved invaluable.

Ashden (She/Her)

Ashden, (she/her) is a Bachelor of Science student with many passions, including insects, volunteering, education and botany. Ashden hosts the monthly Bi & Pan Social, as well as helping out with Taste of Kink when it’s running.