We are Hosting Kinky Olympics on October 26th for consensual adults!  No Kink Experience is necessary as each activity will be explained as we go along.  Only participate in the events that you are ok participating in!  This space will have some nudity.  No sex during the Olympics, although the dungeon afterwards is sex permissive.  NO MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED.

730 Doors open

745 Mixer: Enter your name into the mixer, and spend 4 minutes negotiating the possibilities with others also seeking pick up play, long term playmates etc. All who participate in the mixer are entered for the door prize.

8pm-1030pm Kink-Olympics

1030-12 Midnight Open Playspace


Red Bottom Relay!  Bottoms race from one station to the next where they negotiate with their team members for a soft, medium or hard spanking with the implement of their choice, choosing how many swats to receive (Minimum of 3, maximum of 20).  Either party can also “Pass”.  Passing adds 20 seconds to their relay time.  (Scoring Fastest team gets 30 points, second fastest gets 20 points.  Each team also gets Pleasure Points of up to 30 based on how much fun they have)

Sensory Shotput!  Bottoms are blindfolded and restrained to our bondage chair, after filling out a Sensation Negotiation Form, setting out their enthusiastic consent vs limits for this sexy contest.  Activities include Feather Flogging, Hair Pulling,  Prickly (but not cutting), Hot and Cold, Tasting and Wrapping/Binding.  Each top will have 60 seconds to elicit a response with their chosen activity.  (Scoring: Mindfucker 0-10 points, Pleasure Giver 0-10 points, OMG YES 0-10 points, Creativity 0-10 points)

Target Practice:  Bottoms have a target for their bottom, and tops get three chances to score.  (Scoring: by value of where the ”darts” land.  Using velcro based target and throwing items).

Safety Match-up:  All players get a sheet with the list of activities.  Using the items on the safety table, they then match items to the appropriate activities. Bonuses answer available!  (Scoring, 1 point for each right answer)

Bondage Drill:  Tops have 5 random items to be able to secure the bottom!  (Scoring: 10 points for fastest time, 10 points for most creative, -10  points for any escapees, 20 points for most erotic.

What’s that sound?: 12 implements, 12 sounds!  All participants are blindfolded and each team has one buzzer.  Sounds will be produced by judges swatting one of their own.  The team with the least points leads, and can either

  1. Ask for the sound to be repeated (Cost 5 points)
  2. Ask to feel the implement on their own bottom (Gain 5 points)
  3. Hit the buzzer to name the implement (Right Answer is 25 points, wrong answer is -10 points)

Play then goes to the next team, round continues until a team names the right implement.

Waxing Poetic:  Each team will have 15 minutes to create a piece of wax art on whichever willing canvases they can negotiate for.  (Scoring: 10 points for creativity, 10 points for eroticism, 10 points for evil genious, 10 points for bottoms vote)

BONUS POINTS  AVAILABLE for the following: Greedy Bottoms, Most Right Guesses, Team Spirit, Communication Guru, Sadism Extraordinaire




Tickets are $10 for members, $25 for nonmembers


ASPECC spaces are Safe(r) Spaces.  We have zero tolerance for bigotry, aggression and/or other hateful behaviours. Consent is a MUST- no one is obligated to participate in any activity that they do not wish to participate in.  Persons who cannot respect these policies will be unable to use the centre or attend events. We are a queer friendly space that is run and organized by folk who are queer themselves

If you have any questions, reach out to us at