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In order to re-open Alberta Sex Positive Education and community centre we have developed a plan to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission in our space, for the protection of volunteers, board members, members, guests and other attendees.  We are asking that all persons who plan to enter the centre ensure they are thoroughly familiar with the COVID-19 Harm Reduction Plan outlined below.


COVID-19 Harm Reduction Plan:


Due to the increased risk of harm that COVID-19 represents, ASPECC is implementing additional policies and hygiene guidelines to be in effect for any and all gatherings in our space.  We realize that some of these policies may feel odd or inconvenient, and we appreciate your support and understanding as we ensure we are doing our utmost to provide you safe(r) space for gathering and support. 




Prior to folks enter the space they must:


  • Wait in line outside, social distancing, in order to be fore head temperature scanned and sign a waiver.  We advise folks to wear a mask while in line to protect one another. 
  • Be scanned to ensure their body temperature is within the healthy range of 36.1-37.2 degrees celsius. Folks with a higher than healthy temperature will not be permitted to attend.
  • Must be of general well being, with no signs or sensations of sinus, respiratory or intestinal illness. (No sore throat, running nose, stuffy nose, diarrhea, vomiting, headache, flu like body aches).
  • Must not have been experiencing above symptoms, or in contact with anyone else experiencing these symptoms for the last 14 days.
  • Must not have travelled outside of the city for the last 14 days.
  • Must not have been exposed to anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19, or waiting for test results for COVID-19 in the last 14 days.
  • Once you have been scanned and sign off on these conditions you can enter.



Upon Entering Folks must:


  • Wash their hands following the hand washing guide, prior to touching the desk or any other surface. 
  • Follow the following guidelines:
  • Folks not from the same household/cohort must sit the recommended distance apart (6 feet)
  • No licking fingers and touching things
  • Excellent hand hygiene to be practiced at all times (entering and leaving space, before and after eating.
  • Food and drink will be ordered at the table, and only packaged food will be sold until further notice.
  • No hugging, touching, swapping fluids etc with folks you are not sharing a household/cohort with.
  • No touching the merchandise.  Ask staff for items you want to purchase




  • As folks are leaving they are required to:
  • Sanitize their hands again



Increased Hygiene and Safety in Space


  • ASPECC provides hand sanitizer at the entrance/exits of the space
  • Hand Soap Dispensers are automatic in the bathrooms and kitchen
  • Space is sanitized with medical grade cleaner, and all linens are removed.
  • All hard surfaces are cleaned with soap and water, then disinfected before and after every event.  (door knobs, counters, tables, chairs, light switches etc) and carpets are misted with medical grade cleaner.
  • Gloves are available at no cost.
  • Masks are available for a minimum of $5 donation (washable).



Special Considerations:


  • Folks using any of the private rooms MUST BRING THEIR OWN LINENS/TOWELS.  
  • Folks using any of the equipment MUST BRING THEIR OWN TOWEL.
  • You will be required to have a bag for your soiled laundry.
  • For The Sake of Community, TIP YOUR CLEANING VOLUNTEER
  • Folks will need to hit the service button so that their cleaning procedure can be monitored by staff, and so staff can clear the way to a handwashing station after use.
  • All soiled laundry must be taken out immediately after the cleaning procedure is complete.  The room will then be misted and closed for at least 10 minutes so that the medical cleaner is able to complete its cycle.



Distancing Measures:


  • Workshops will only allow 10 people (more online).  Weekend Events will only allow 20 people.  We advise you purchase tickets in advance. 
  • Tables are separated to maintain social distancing.
  • Walk up canteen service is suspended until further notice.
  • Seating area now includes the round-a-bout
  • Private rooms may require booking in advance



Attendee Symptom Screening


  • All attendees/volunteers are advised to remain at home if they experience any symptom of illness, regardless of how minor. 
  •  Please note that you will still have to agree to a temperature scan prior to entry. If you develop any sign of illness while in our space you will be required to leave the space.


PPE: Where Social Distancing is not possible


  • We have disposable gloves available at no cost
  • We have reusable masks available at low cost.
  • Volunteers have access to reusable masks, to be laundered by the volunteer
  • Anyone serving drinks or food must change gloves before and after each service to avoid cross contamination
  • Medical grade cleaner, soap and disinfectant are available



ASPECC Responsibilities

ASPECC will be responsible for ensuring that medical grade cleaner, gloves, hand sanitizer and hand wash stations are well stocked.   ASPECC will be responsible for ensuring that volunteers have access to masks and are trained in all sanitation procedures. 

Attendees are responsible for maintaining social distancing, engaging in high standards of hand hygiene, ensuring the Alberta Trace App is on and working, and for following the risk reduction policies as outlined. 




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