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Building Consent Culture in Sex Positive Spaces

While no one can guarantee the ethical behaviour of every guest at their event, there are specific ways that we can create and uphold consent culture in kinky spaces.

And, I can’t stress this enough, it is VITAL that we acknowledge that every single one of us is responsible for adding to the culture of a space we are in.

As Event Organizers We Can:

  • Research policies on reporting and addressing reports of harassment, assault, sexual assault, discrimination, bullying and other hateful behaviours (Hint check out National Coalition for Sexual Freedom).
  • Publicly post our policies regarding these reports, making sure that people know HOW to report and what happens AFTER they do so.
  • Outsource reporting to groups like @NCSF as they have training, policies etc already in place.
  • Run orientations that clearly outline behaviour expectations and repercussions for consent violating behaviours.
  • Educate ourselves about sexual assault myths and why sexual assault is so fucking difficult to report

and most importantly

Stand behind our policies

As Individuals We Can:

  • Speak up when something is going on that makes us uncomfortable, especially when it does not involve us
  • Practice sexual empowerment by learning about our own biases regarding sex, working past it, developing assertive communication skills
  • Learn how to pay attention to the nuances of consent (and withdrawl of consent) in body language and reciprocity
  • Actively learn about sexual shame vs empowerment
  • To be willing to be uncomfortable so we can challenge our own biases

and most importantly


when an event shows that they are unable or unwilling to uphold consent culture.

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