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Sex Talk Podcast

Shame free and sex positive discussions about sexual health, sexuality, consent, kink and more!

Group Sex 101

Listen on PodBean Today’s episode explores the basics of group sex with Violet (she/her).

Why Open Conversations are so Important

Join Angel and Stephen for this episode! Stephen is a special guest that is sharing his experience with coming out as a youth, rejection and lack of access to information and conversations about sexuality. TW: This conversation may be triggering to individuals who have experienced

Gender and Consent

I talk a great deal about gender and I wanted to provide a ground floor view of how gender and its prescribed roles influence how we view sex, sexuality and consent. When I talk about gender, I am referring to the messages we are taught about ourselves and one another based on what is assumed about our gender. This is all based on my experience as a nearly fifty year old person who was assigned female at birth and is white, able bodied and and het/cis presenting.

What is going on with my vagina?

Sex Positive Talk is recording from home today, with a special episode about vaginal health, the lack of medical attention on pleasure impacted health outcomes for folks with a vagina, and a plea for fundraising for a non-profit that delivers shame free sex education.

Dealing with Entitled Folks and Other Challenges

Hosting sex permissive events, running a sex positive space… well it has challenges! Join Angel (they/she) and Kyle (She/her) as they share some of the experiences they had while helping to run the Sex Positive Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Do Your Own Emotional Labour

ASPECC folks discuss the challenge to learning to be sex positive and challenge your own biases while ensuring you are not relying on folks to provide that labour to you for your learning benefit.

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