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January 17th 2021

Due to the financial restraints created by the ongoing pandemic, ASPECC is moving out of our physical space to providing online programming only. We have no choice but to surrender the space, and find ways to pay our landlord our outstanding rent. We applied for the rent grant from the federal government, and although we were approved, we have waited for months without the promised funds arriving. When these funds do arrive, they are owed to our landlord. With no in person events we are simply unable to raise the funds to maintain the space. Our volunteers’ energy has severely depleted in their attempts to help fundraise. All things considered, we have decided to focus our efforts on providing supports online.

Our online services will include:

  • Online workshops, socials and presentations as per our calendar
  • Quarterly Sex-Positive News (Digital)
  • Sexual Health Kits (Sign up here in Collaboration with Alberta Health
  • Videos on Demand with tutorials, presentations and more (more info coming soon!)
  • Podcast Sex Talk (Weekly on GTFO and Podbean, Spotify, iTunes etc)
  • Welcome to Puberty Kits (coming soon!)

Eventually, when things have returned to ”normal” we will work with Aurora Social Club to provide education, queer support socials, taste of kink and more! HUGE shout out to Dan and Lauren for all the ongoing love and support!


Check out the auction on and get your bids in. We want to clear the space as soon as possible. All funds will go to paying debts and ensuring our web content is up and running.

We want to thank each and every one of you for all the ongoing support. Your support has allowed us to continue to offer supports through these trying times. Thank you for every word of support and every dollar. Although things are changing, our love for you is not! We look forward to seeing you online!

With Love, Support and Acceptance,

The ASPECC Board of Directors:
Kate C, Steve C, Sammy F, Violet R, Theo M, Sukrit A
The ASPECC Volunteer Team
The Pleasure Crew Volunteer Team

To our Loved and Valued Members:
Don’t worry members, we have something for you! CHECK YOUR EMAIL

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