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Membership, The Pleasure Crew and Orientations:

ASPECC Update: Proposed changes to  MEMBERSHIP and Orientation Policies


As you may know, The Pleasure Crew has been running all of the fundraising 18+ events.  All proceeds are donated to ASPECC to offset the costs of running the space.  We repeat, the 18+ events ARE NOT RUN BY ASPECC, although they do follow our safer space guidelines.

To that end there are some membership changes to note.  ASPECC memberships will continue to offer the following:

Friendship Card: 

  • 10% discount at Aropedeevivls Corner
  • 10% discount at ASPECC’s store front
  • You can bring (and be responsible) for 1 guest who does not have a membership

Friends with Benefits Card

  • 20% off Aropedeevils Corner
  • 20% off ASPECC Store Front
  • Access to pleasure crew events
  • Ability to sponsor a non member (up to 4 at a time) to a pleasure crew event
  • Voting Rights


Without a membership folks will not be able to attend the pleasure crew events unless with a member.  Membership will now require folks to attend a orientation class and receive a TPC CARD. (The Pleasure Crew)


Folks, we are moving orientations to twice a month.  You will need to attend one of these BEFORE attending a Pleasure Crew Event.  This will need to be reviewed periodically.

Folks attending an orientation will receive a PLEASURE CREW CARD allowing them to access pleasure crew events. These cards will be dated, no entry to pleasure crew events without a card. 

If you are unable to attend in person, you need to let us know so we can make arrangements.  



If you bring a non-member to an event, and they do not behave, YOUR MEMBERSHIP WILL BE SUSPENDED for 2 months and you will lose the privilege of bringing a nonmember guest for a period of not less than six months.  Repeat of incidences will result in a revocation of membership entirely. 

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