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Hello Fellow Albertans!  Due to the rise of COVID19 cases in our province, the Alberta Sex Positive Centre (ASPECC) will NOT be holding in person events.

We value your safety too dearly to risk being the reason you or our volunteers were to catch this ultra crappy virus.  As you know, the ASPECC and The Pleasure Crew teams focus on safety over entitlement.  That has alwasy been the case, as noted with our SAFER SPACE POLICY, our orientations, our focus on creating room for folks who often face microaggressions over folks with $$ and no sense of compassion.  The same is true of our focus on VOLUNTEER SAFETY.  There is simply no reasonable way, at this time, to be sure our volunteers are safe if events are held in person at the centre.  Even with sneeze guards (thank you for the donation) , masks, temperature taking etc, the prevalence in our province of folks being unwilling to take these measures seriously; the arguing against these measures; the amount of research indicating that ASYMPTOMATIC folks are able to spread the virus, the potential long term impacts on top of the death rates… this all boiled down to a decision to wait until things improve to offer in person socials and events.

We thought Albertans were starting to understand the need for social distancing, and therefore the numbers would continue to decrease, instead cases are on the rise and too many folks in our province are unwilling or unable to understand the need to work together (wear a fucking mask, socially distance, get tested, self isolate as needed, don’t repeat history from the last epidemic, )  to prevent the spread of this newest coronavirus.  If things change, we will look at again offering you the fun, sexy, educational, safer space, in person experiences we have become known for.

WE KNOW this is hard.  We MISS YOU FOLKS TOO!!!

In the meantime, we will continue to offer our socials, supports and sex positive learning online.  Check out the calendar HERE, or download our APP (sorry no iphone app unless someone wants to sponsor the $100 fee to launch it, and the $50 / month storage fee).  Email us if you  have a social idea you want to host, an online crafting class, a queer support, a sex edcuation workshop, or a sexy online event!  We have a platform, and we are happy to set it up! or

Looking for a support?  Don’t see it on the calendar?  Reach out!  We are happy to add it!

A huge shout out to all the teachers who were trying to support students online!  We FEEL YOU   Thank you to all of our health professionals!   Fuck you to those who are making doctors lives miserable in AlbertaOur love to the folks stuck working in high risk situations because your bosses value their dollars more than your safety.    What the fuck to the city, that passed mandatory masks in city facilities and left the rest of Albertans to rely on their employer to set mandatory masks to keep them safe at work.

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