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WinterGasm Fundraiser: WE NEED YOU

Hey folks, we know times have been really tough for everyone, especially with the recent changes for the Alberta State of Emergency. Like other businesses, we have been closed and trying to find a way to serve you and, now that case numbers are so high, we are now in desperate need of funding.
Our summer fundraising brought in $12,000, which was enough to pay our operating costs until the end of this month. The organization cannot thank you enough for the support from our community in keeping us open!. Those funds paid our lease and operating costs up to date, and now we need to bring in some more funds to keep us in our space until there is an end in sight for the increasing numbers!
What we have done so far:
  • – Applied for the Commercial Emergency Rent Subsidy
  • – Appealed to the United Conservative Government for assistance
  • -Applied to the Red Cross for Covid-19 Funding
Without being able to host events in the building, we need to find alternative sources of funding. 
How you can help:
  • DONATE $$$ You can donate funds to us directly HERE:
  • DONATE items (new or hand crafted) or giftcards to our WINTERGASM Silent Auction (details coming soon!) If you are donating an item, we need the info ASAP! Email with: Photo of item, description, value $ and what name you want listed for donating the item (business links are ok and welcome!)  We will arrange drop off/pickup times with you!
  • MEMBERSHIP Renewal It’s a great time to renew your membership! We’re moving to monthly memberships, but you can renew at the old rate until January 1.  HERE is the link to renew:
  • HOST A FUNDRAISER  If you have any ideas and want to host a fundraising event, reach out! We have a webinar platform and can advertise. If you’re an artist or crafter, come teach a class on your favorite craft!
  • Join us for Paint Night (Details coming Soon)
  • SHOP our Store!
  • If you have any Christmas shopping to do, it would help us if you ordered through our fundscrip ( ) or iGive. ( )  It costs you nothing to support your favorite sex positive nonprofit!
Thank you all for your support!  If you have questions or suggestions please reach out to
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