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Meet the Team

Board Members

Theo Marsan Profile Picture

Theo Marsan (He/They)


Theo (he/they) is a bachelor of arts student hoping to become an art therapist one day. He is passionate about sex education and sex positivity. 
They have two cats, Jinx and Tofu, and his service dog in training, Misa. Theo is transgender, polyamorous, disabled, and in therapy for mental illness, and is happy to discuss their experiences from their unique view.
He loves art and dabbles in a number of mediums, from acrylic paint to fibre arts to soap pouring. Theo also loves to educate, demonstrate (with the Pleasure Crew!), and build violet wand accessories.

Peter Kaul (He/Him)


Bio coming soon!

Ann Sinyard (SHE/HER)

Education and Outreach Coordinator

Ann Sinyard (she/her) is an enthusiastic sexual health educator in Edmonton whose work is centred on accessible, sex-positive education for all folks! She integrates compassion, gender/cultural-inclusivity, and functional awareness into all aspects of her work, and is unafraid of answering any questions surrounding consent, intimacy, and biology—particularly given her experience as a sexual health consultant at With Consent. She is continually motivated by the evolving trends related to sexual health outreach and education. Ann is eager to promote sex-positive health knowledge through her workshops and as an influencer online.

Ann’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from MacEwan University and a graduate certificate in Sexual Health from the University of Alberta. Her sexual health education career has cemented her capacity to set a strong foundation for bias and judgment-free sex education in either a classroom or digital setting. She is excited to be on ASPECC’s Board of Directors to increase her support of others to empower themselves to make the best decisions about their own individual sexual health needs and overall wellness.

Board Position Open


The Board of Directors Secretary position is currently open.

Board Members at Large

Violet (She/Her)

Violet (she/her) is always looking for new ways to explore and learn about sex positivity. She’s also one to ask if you have a question about an in-person event, if she doesn’t host it she’s at least volunteered for it once! Feel free to say “Hi!” if you see her at karaoke! Violet is our Instagram Team Lead and the Pleasure Crew Liaison

Aurora (She/Her)

Aurora (she/her) is a sex-positive individual who is passionate about shame-free spaces and accessible sexual education. She is part of the Pleasure Crew team and chairs our Adult Industry Support Committee.

Sukrit (She/Her)

Sukrit Ahluwalia (she/her) was elected to the ASPECC board in 2021. She was introduced to ASPECC during the pandemic in 2020. Since being introduced she has been a strong supporter of ASPECC and its Mission and Vision. She has learned a great deal as a board member and continues learning more through her position on the board and volunteering at events throughout the year. ASPECC has become her family and will be her family for life. She has turned her business into something that is more casually run so she can focus on being more finally independent and also focus more time on volunteering and bringing my skills to ASPECC and the board.

Black Profile Image

Deana (She/Her)

Bio coming soon!

Stephen (He/They)

Stephen (he/they) is a new board member, he is the chair of the website committee and sits on the LGBTQIA2S+ Committee. They are the administrator for the ASPECC, YEGQYC and upcoming Pleasure Crew websites. He is a 2 spirit queer individual, extremely nerdy with a geeky streak. Strongly passionate about healthy shame-free sex education and promoting sex positive values through open communication.

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