Meet the Team

Board Members

Theo Marsan Profile Picture

Theo Marsan (He/They)

Acting President/Chair

Theo (he/they) is a bachelor of arts student hoping to become an art therapist one day. He is passionate about sex education and sex positivity. 
They have two cats, Jinx and Tofu, and his service dog in training, Meeka. Theo is transgender, polyamorous, disabled, and in therapy for mental illness, and is happy to discuss their experiences from their unique view.
He loves art and dabbles in a number of mediums, from acrylic paint to fibre arts to soap pouring. Theo also loves to educate, demonstrate (with the Pleasure Crew!), and build violet wand accessories.

Kate Cooper (She/Her)


Kate (she/her) is an active supporter of ASPECC and the ASPECC team. She fills in as needed and Co-hosts several regular events, from Kinky and Nerdy to social support events.

Board Position Open


The Board of Directors Treasurer position is currently open.

Board Position Open


The Board of Directors Secretary position is currently open.

General Board Members

Violet (She/Her)

Violet (she/her) is always looking for new ways to explore and learn about sex-positivity. She’s also one to ask if you have a question about an in-person event, if she doesn’t host it she’s at least volunteered for it once! Feel free to say “Hi!” if you see her at karaoke! Violet is our Instagram Team Lead and the Pleasure Crew Liaison

Aurora (She/Her)

Aurora (she/her) is a sex-positive individual who is passionate about shame-free spaces and accessible sexual education. She is part of the Pleasure Crew team and chairs our Adult Industry Support Committee.

Steve (He/Him)

Steve (he/him) is a local business leader with a Bachelor of Commerce. Steve is passionate about supporting diversity in our community. He continues to push for innovative ways to foster inclusion in the workplace. New to the board, Steve is looking forward to helping highlight the great work being done at ASPECC. Steve is co-chair with Sukrit of the Fundraising Committee.

Sukrit (sHe/Her)