EMPOWER! Conversation Club


Conversation Club Monthly


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Ages 16+
Delivery: Online 
Group Size Max 12
Date/Time: Wednesdays 7-830 pm
Cost: $25/month

Goal: To increase adeptness with conversation skills in one on one and group settings.  This is NOT your typical social skills group. This group meets monthly to engage in conversations around a wide variety of topics, including sex, sexuality, relationships, politics, work, and pop culture.

Meeting Outline:

Meeting opens with setting the safe space rules (set by group members to create room for open conversation without judgement), introductions (small talk) and topic introduction. There is an ice breaker activity, and the round table style conversation. 

The tentative (subject to change based on group interests) lists may include:

  • Sexual Health
  • Consent
  • Gender Norms
  • Family or Origin
  • Media and Politics
  • Allyship to Marginalized Communities
  • Asexuality spectrum
  • public education 
  • Climate Change
  • Generational Trends
  • Culture Share
  • Music Genres

This is a anti-oppression space.  Conversations that endorse violence, bigotry and other hate will not be permitted.  This group is faciltated by a queer femmeby (feminine presenting non-binary) ND human rights activist and sex educator.  Folk of all genders, all cultures, all sexualities are welcome to join.