Anti-Racism Facilitator Training

5 weeks
0 lessons
1 quiz
14 students

This workshop provides you access to 4 online, live webinars .  You must attend ALL FOUR in order to get your certificate.

Webinar Dates: (All times are in MST)

Session 1:

Group 1: January 17 10AM -1230pm

Group 2: Feb 12 10AM – 1230pm

Session 2:

Group 1: January 17 130pm – 4pm

Group 2: Feb 12 230-5pm

Session 3:

Group 1: January 18 930AM-1200pm

Group 2: Feb 13 930AM to 12oopm

Session 4:

Group 1: January 18 130pm – 4pm

Group 2: Feb 13 230-5pm

Angel is one of the original founders of ASPECC! She is a cisgender, pansexual sadomasochist and Alternative Lifestyle Presenter. She holds a degree in psychology, with a minor in criminology, as well as certifications in Sexual Health Education, Sex Coaching, First Responder to Sexual Assault, Social Science and Criminology.
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