Hosted by The Pleasure Crew

Cost Members $5
Guests $10
Ages 18+

The Social runs from 7pm to 830 pm.  We strongly advise you to attend this portion.  Folks who work on socializing and making friends with other attendees are more successful at finding folks willing to cuddle with them.  We will have an ice breaker game, and an orientation where we lay out the expected behaviours to be sure that folks are comfortable navigating the space!

Bring your own blanket, cushion, pillows, stuffies (etc) and hang out with other Cuddle Bugs for this social and cuddle event.  Movies on the big screen, canteen is open with hot chocolate, tea etc.

There will be 3 cuddle areas.  One for nude friendly (genitals must be covered), 1 for semi nude (genitals  and chests covered), one for fully clothed.  This is NOT a sex permissive event.  Always ask before you touch anyone.

ASPECC spaces are safer spaces, meaning we have zero tolerance for discrimination and/or aggressive and hateful behaviours.  We are a queer friendly space run and organized by folks of varying degrees of queer themselves.