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Life Roots Counselling – Lindsay Redman

My clients are eager to get to the root of what underlies uncomfortable emotions in their lives. They appreciate having someone who is committed to being fully present and attuned to witnessing them with unconditional acceptance on their journey. My clients are intrigued to learn about how their emotions are a rich source of information about what they want in life. They are ready to work together to build an understanding of how to tap into this wisdom in their lives, in order to bolster their confidence, find their voice, build meaningful connections, voice desires, release feelings of shame, and cultivate feelings of self-worth.

Without a basic understanding of how to approach emotions, it is natural to brace against uncomfortable emotions and fall into patterns of avoidance, and we may unwittingly rob ourselves of healing opportunities. You may feel ashamed, confused, trapped in your current life circumstance, and downright exhausted. This makes sense! Let’s change that.

My clients are building new patterns of facing their fears and intentionally leaning toward discomfort. They are uncovering fulfilling lives, where they feel free, valued and deeply seen. I work with clients of all genders, sexual orientations and relationship styles, including polyamory or consensual non-monogamy.

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