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Real Female Lead Relationship – Level four: Cuckolding

Cuckolding Is for Her! All to often cuckolding is the product of male fantasy and the wife's interests and well-being are secondary, if considered at all. Many times it seems like the husband pimps his wife so he can satisfy his voyeuristic need and embark in the thrills of watching her be taken by another man. Using emotional blackmail to force one's partner into sex is hardly the stuff of female-led relationships. Before venturing into it, make sure that you are ready and by this I mean that you know for sure that you are ready to explore because you want it for your own pleasure, your own kinkiness and to further your dominance over your hubby. You must be sure that you will be able to compartmentalize your lovers and keep them as a hobby type of thing, knowing and having very clear that it is the sissy you created who you love and want to be with. Think of it like this, your dates are just like getting on a fun ride at a fair, they are fun, exiting and may bring your thrills but after the ride is over you move on. If you were to stay at a single ride you will soon be tired of it and will want to go home. So never forget, your dates are nothing more than a fun ride. If you really, really like it you may get on it twice or even a third time but you move on. Moving into the cuckolding arena can be fun and exciting for you but is just for a moment, all that excitement will pass and real life at home with your hubby will go on.

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