EMPOWERed! Youth

October 4th Orientation, Register Here

EMPOWER! is our health science program for youth (up to 25 ish). The entire program uses scaffolding and allows learners to empower themselves with knowledge about healthy sciences including healthy relationships, self-care, healthy bodies, mental health and sexual health. Aimed at neurodivergent folk, this program covers one topic a month with 40 minute online learning opportunities, a monthly practice social, a social justice discussion group for the older youth, and weekend webinars on health topics.

This is not a program designed to foster conformity! Designed and developed by neurodivergent folk, every learning opportunity provides information from a health science and social science framework, to support individuals in being able to choose relationships that are mutually supportive, to advocate for their own well-being, and to explore health in a way that is continually acknowledges and encourages respect for diversity and authenticity.

Learners can turn their video/microphone off to freely fidget without disprupting other learners. All classes have downloadable content with videos, sound files, images, graphs etc, in order to support diverse learning needs.

Currently the classes are set for after school hours (MST). If there is enough interest we will host a second set of classes for 1 and 2 pm MST.

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