Every 4th Sunday 2-5pm Cost is by donation to help cover the cost of the space.

Parenting is always a challenge, and some of the messages we were taught about being a ”good” parent can be confusing.  This group is for folks who strive to be a sex positive parent (a parent who wants their children to grow up with accurate and shame free knowledge about their own bodies, about relationships, and a view that consensual sexual activity is a normal part of the human experience), to meet and discuss topics of concern.

Topics of the Month are Suggestions only, if a group member(s) need to talk about a different topic they will likely be accommodated.  Hosted by our program admin and resident Sex Coach, Angel (she/they)


May: Gender Roles at Home

June: How to talk about sex

July: Supporting Sexual Diversity

August: Teaching Consent (and Modelling it)

September: Sexting

October: Sleep Overs and other Rules

November: Gender, Sex, Sexuality

December:  When to talk about pleasure?

January:  What are they learning at school?

Feb: Supporting kids who come out

April: Empowerment vs Permissiveness

May: Not in My House

June Pride at Home and in the Community

July: Transgender, Non Binary and 2 Spirit


** ASPECC Spaces are Safe(r) Spaces.  This means we have ZERO tolerance for bigotry, aggression and other hateful behaviours.  We are a queer friendly space run and organized by folks of varying degrees of queer themselves.

admin@aspecc.ca for more details