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    Conversion therapy was made illegal in 2022 in Canada. Conversion therapy was a church/religious led practice of attempting to ”pray the gay away”, in which youth and adults who are LGBTQIA were subjected to humiliation, punishment, and sometimes torture to try to force them to be straight.

    Choose one of these factors about yourself, and imagine your family was so appalled, so repulsed and furious about this aspect of you, that they sent you to a camp for six weeks with adults who tormetned you until you promised, (with every intent of following through) to never be that again.

    How do you think this would impact your self-esteem? Your ability to have meaningful relationships? Your physical health? Would you be able to be kind to anyone else with this factor/trait? How far do you think you would go to hide that factor or trait?

    Your voice
    Your Shoe size
    Your eye colour
    The shape of your nail beds
    Your natural laugh

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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