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FAQ for Teaching Kids about Consent

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    Enter questions here, as I answer them (or someone else does) they will get added to the FAQ

    Q. What age should I start teaching consent?
    A. This is an ongoing conversation that starts in toddlerhood.

    Q. How can I model Consent at home?
    A. By asking all people before touching them, and saying no and yes to demonstrate boundary setting.

    Q. My child hugs everyone, how can I teach him not to?
    A. Make sure you and others are asking eachother and your child before engaging in any physical contact. Stop your child and remind them to ask ” Did you ask (Frank, MR. Gibbons, the Cashier, Auntie etc) if they wanted a hug? Ask first!

    Q. My child keeps touching themself.
    A. This is normal. Remind them that this is private, and let them go to their bedroom or bathroom to explore themself.

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