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Module 5: Douching and Enemas

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    I really struggled with the research on this. I am, of course, amused by the idiocy (and aware that this is because our lens is one that is more informed, so WTF to using cola to prevent pregnancy, for example), but also horrified by the enduring shame that folk with vaginas feel about their bodies and how corporations market to this, and how the medical community continues to be so undereducated and misinformed about vaginal health.

    Yet, as a teen I was GIVEN a douche in my period kit from my scant sex ed class in grade 7. (We got a pink box, similar to the mary kay makeup box, with pads, a douche, and a waist strap to hold the pads).

    When I first began studhying the gay community, I was shocked that this shame is also translated over to anal sex, where men are shamed of the concept that there might be the teeniest bit of fecal matter from anal sex, and how some engage in enemas excessively, unsafely, and the impact on their rectal health.

    What messaging have you gotten about vaginal odours, douching, enemas, and hygiene? How did/does that impact your own relationship with your body, your feelings and thoughts about or during intimacy?

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