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Post your questions about joining the ASPECC sex education team HERE

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    All questions welcome



    – What are the requirements for being on the sex education team? Do you need to have some sort of certification as a sex educator? Have completed postsecondary?

    – Are there mandatory in-person meetings/get-togethers?

    – What kind of support is offered to team members?

    – How does one do an online class (such as this one that is pre-recorded) and who picks the cost of the class/course?



    Great questions!

    Joining the ASPECC Education Team requires:
    1. a background check including vulnerable sectors check, as you will be working with vulnerable populations including children, 2sLGTQIA folk, folk with disabilities, seniors etc.
    2. Successful completion of the ASPECC orientation (see Welcome to ASPECC in the online workshop list)
    3. Successful completion of the sex educator modules. (There are two ways to access these modules. You can pay out of pocket and have no obligation to offer any classes/workshops through ASPECC, or you can contract to offer 4 workshops a year for two years and the training is at no cost to you).
    4. Meeting once in a while (usually every 3 months) for a virtual education team meeting.

    Support for Team Members:
    Our education team is NEW! Previously, when we were only offering support in Edmonton, the two sex educators that were part of the ASPECC board were handling all the education requests. One board member has since left for other ventures, and our programming is being requested not only across the province but also across the country!
    Currently, team supports include group training, shared teaching platforms, updated research, and some one on one mentoring. This program, like our other team programs, will flex to meet the needs of the communities we serve, our team members, and our mentors.

    Once you complete the onboarding (volunteer application and welcome to ASPECC workshop) you will have access to the team only website with information on how to offer your own classes, amongst other things!

    As always, feel free to email if you have any challenges accessing the noted resources!


    One learner asked:
    When there is a family emergency and we have to call in to miss a class, would that trigger the now show policy (will we still be fired and have our certification revoked).

    The answer is, no-absolutely not. When speaking of not showing up for a sex education class that you signed up to teach, we are talking about AVOIDABLE situations. If you double book yourself, we expect you to honour your professional booking as an educator over a social booking. If you sign up to teach, we expect you to adjust your schedule for what you signed up for and to set whatever reminders you need to REMEMBER to show up.

    This is part of professionalism.

    Thank you for the question!

    jennwilliams1974@gmail.comJenn W

    I am very interested in joining your education team. How does it work for the 4 classes per year as I am fairly far away? Also, does the four include any that we set up on our own in our community?


    About Joining the team:
    We are across canada and VIRTUAL!! And yes, it includes classes you set up in your own community.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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