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Games Reviews

ASPECC has a collection of sex positive games for schools, homes and parties! Check them out here


5/5 Stars

Bought the conversation deck and healthy relationship decks to use with my tweens and teens. I LOVE THEM. We have started playing these with other family members and even our friend groups. It is incredible how simple this tool is to learn from, yet how much you can learn! The family enjoyed these so much that we have now ordered the LGBTQIA deck, the Consent Deck and the Sex Positive Conversations Deck. Can’t wait to see what else you build. ♥

~Richelle Wards

5/5 Stars

As a middle school educator I am always shopping for tools to engage youth in meaningful conversations about consent, gender, sexualth health and healthy relationships. I bought a couple of decks to utlize in class, and they were a complete hit! I would love to see a deck aimed at educators and parents with youth under 12.

Ms. Skeller

4/5 Stars

I purchased the sex positive conversation deck, and I really enjoy it! ther are so many cards that I think it will take me months to go through them all. The only complaint I have is that there are a few spelling mistakes. When I reported this to the maker, they replaced my deck with an updated version. Highly reccomend, this deck will have you and your friends/lover exploring all sorts of biases and values around sex, relationships, consent and sexual health!

~Kerri J.

5/5 Stars

The sex positive deck is a MUST HAVE for anyone looking to develop their own sex positive self. There are SO MANY cards and each has a thought proviking topic to explore. My husband and Ihave been going through these, and not only are we learning more about ourselves and one another, but we are also flabbergasted by how inclusive these are. Excellent job!

~Mr & Mr Stoller

5/5 Stars

I bought the sexual health deck when it was still in beta mode, and I cannot rave enough about this deck! I teach sexual health across the province, and this deck is a hit, everywhere I go, for teens and adults alike.

~Judith K

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