Angel (She/They)
Angel is a certified sex coach with a bachelors in psychology. They are a sex positive educator with a passion for bulding consent based sexual empowerment. As a sex coach they offer guidance for singles, couples, and throuples on the following topics:

    • Healthy Communication
    • Boundary Setting
    • Creating Safety in Intimate Conversations
    • Ethical Non-monogamy
    • Exploring Kink
    • Empowerment through Power Exchange
    • Intimacy Building and Reconnection
    • Sex Skill Building
    • Working through Challenges

Angel does not diagnose nor treat mental illness, disorder etc

As of January 2020 ASPECC members and volunteers can book life coaching and sex coaching with Angel (she/they) on a sliding scale basis.

Sliding Scale is based on current income per person if single, or couple/throuple/pod if booking as such:

  1. Less than 28,000/year——————–—-$10/hour
  2. 29,000 – 40,000/year——————-——$25/hour
  3. 41,000- 60,000/year——————-——-$40/hour
  4. 61,000-75,000—————–—————-$55/hour
  5. Over 75,000————————————$70/hour
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