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Meet the Team

in-house RElationship coach

angel (them/they)

Angel is a certified relationship coach with a bachelor’s in psychology. They are a sex positive educator with a passion for building consent based sexual empowerment. As a coach they offer guidance for singles, couples, and throuples on the following topics:

  • Healthy Communication
  • Boundary Setting
  • Creating Safety in Intimate Conversations
  • Ethical Non-monogamy
  • Exploring Kink
  • Empowerment through Power Exchange
  • Intimacy Building and Reconnection
  • Sex Skill Building
  • Working through Challenges

Coaching is not psychotherapy. They do not diagnose or treat mental health disorders.

What is the cost?

Members and volunteers can book life/sex coaching with Angel (she/they) on a sliding scale basis.

Sliding Scale is based on current income per person if single, or couple/throuple/pod if booking as such:

  • Less than $28,000/year – $25/hour
  • $29,000 – $40,000/year – $50hour
  • $41,000 – $60,000/year – $75/hour
  • $61,000 – $75,000/year – $100/hour
  • Over $75,000/year – $150/hour


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