Masturbation Monday
Must be 18+
Members $15 Guests $25
All Genders, All Bodies, All Sexualities welcome.

This Event is Brought to you by The Pleasure Crew with all proceeds being donated to ASPECC to help cover the cost of the space and towards the continuance of the shame free sex education program. For more information email

Self Pleasure, so often stigmatized, is a wonderful, healthy way of cherishing our body and learning about ourselves. Masturbation Mondays are all about celebrating our own pleasure! The orientation (short chat about what the behaviour rules and sanitation procedures are here at the centre) is at 8pm, so don’t be late! Folks who miss the orientation will not be able to attend. (Folks with an ASPECC membership who have completed an orientation within the last 6 months are permitted late entrance)

The event space will have stations set up where you can explore your own pleasure, either privately (privacy screen available) or for the viewing pleasure of other attendees. Masturbation porn on the big screen, viewing area and more!

Barriers are mandatory and available at the centre. If you want to use a toy, bring it! We also advise bringing a small towel, as nude bottoms are not permitted on the chairs etc.

This event is hosted by The Pleasure Crew and all proceeds are being donated to ASPECC to help cover the cost of the space.

ASPECC Spaces are Safe(r) Spaces. We have zero tolerance for bigotry, aggression and other hateful behaviours. We are a queer friendly space run and organized by folks who are varying degrees of queer themselves.