Meet the Team

President/Chair: Angel Sumka

 Angel is one of the founders of ASPECC and the current President/Chair of the organization.  Angel is an avid student.  She has a criminology degree, social science certification, sex coach certification and Bachelors of Psychology.  Angel plans to enter graduate studies (Gender and Sexualities) in the fall of 2018.  

Angel has been presenting on a variety of alternative lifestyle topics for 5+ years, and is an avid advocate of Safer Spaces, Consent and Equality, and is a guest lecturer at Grant Macewan and the U of A.

Angel identifies as a cisgender, pansexual, intersectional feminist.

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CEO: Mark Dorsey

Mark is also one of the founders of ASPECC and is the current VP/CEO of the organization.  Mark is passionate about sex positivity, consensual and ethical sexuality.  Mark is responsible for our procedures and policies.

Mark has been presenting on alternative lifestyle topics for 5+ years, focusing on ethics and risk reduction, and is a guest lecturer at Grant Macewan and the University of Alberta.



Community Director: Alice Louise-Phipps

Alice has an educational background in communications, and her professional experiences have been quite dynamic, while maintaining strong volunteer commitments in pursuit of giving back and developing strong communities. Alice’s community work led her to be recognized in the newsmagazine, Edmontonians, in a special feature called Sizzling Twenty under 30.



Treasurer: Stephanie Umpherville

Stephanie is a business major with a love for numbers!  Stephanie is also co-owner of Metal Weaves, a lovely business that sells custom chain link jewelry.



QSA Coordinator: Ryley Osadchuck

Ryely maintains and develops our queer community programming.  Ryley is also the president of Inqueeries at Grant Macewan and in her spare time is involved with many other amazing, community based LGBTQIA2S+ projects.



Fundraising Director: Rebecca Wagner

Rebecca is the driving force behind our fundraising activities and projects!



Community Arts Facilitator: Allison Tunis

Allison is a local fat activist and artist, in charge of our youth arts program!



Director of Information Technology: Jason Wagner



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