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Most of our workshops and support socials are open to the public, with no membership required. Membership is one way for folk to support ASPECC’s shame free sexual health and diversity programming, and each level of membership has its own perks.

All memberships expire 1 year after payment is received. Memberships are a privilege and can be revoked at any time without a refund. Purchase any membership as a gift! You will be sent a registration form via email once your order is complete!


Being Friends has some benefits…

  • One Free workshop per year
  • Access to our newsletter
  • Special Coupons for Aropedeevil’s Corner
  • This a non-voting Membership.
  • This membership includes the cost of the pleasure crew membership, although you will still have to pay to take the orientation and then pass the screening quiz.

Cost: $120/year or $15/month

Friendship has some benefits…

  • One free Workshop per month
  • Voting Rights at the AGM
  • You get to vote on policy changes
  • Special Coupons for Aropedeevils Corner
  • Access to our newsletter
  • This membership includes your pleasure crew fee, although you still need to do the orientation and submit the final quiz.

Cost: $600/year

Ally Membership (For Businesses and Professionals)

Your name will be displayed on our Partnership Page, with a description of and link to your blog, website, company, business or podcast. Allyship Training required to be complete prior to membership being approved.

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