Door Fee $20 $10 for members
1 Free Spin on Kink wheel iincluded with entry.

Extra Kink Wheel Tickets are available (3 tickets for $20)

This sex positive gathering will have all the usual play stations but tonight we also have a Mistress or few In the House, with play sessions up for auction. All scenes bid on still require negotiation, setting of limits, and playing within one another’s boundaries. Persons of all genders and sexualites welcome to bid. All proceeds are being donated to ASPECC.

730 Doors Open
730-830 Mixer Activities
900 Space Opens
-KINK WHEEL will be available for those who bought Kink Wheel Tickets at the door! The gathered Mistresses will be there to hand out whatever you land on (within your negotiated for limitations)

1030 pm AUCTION CLOSES!!! Winners will be able to negotiate for their Scenes for tonight.


Domme Dovahkiin: This mistress will smile and giggle while she fulfills your submissive needs. She will have the following scenes up for bid:

  • Foot and Boot Worship: Can you grovel at her feet, demonstrating your devotion to her boots and/or feet? This auction item comes with 30 minutes for you to prove your worth (or lack thereof).
  • Ritual & Punishment: You are really stepped in it this time! Mistress will be correcting your willful ways with this ritualized punishment. With warm up and scolding, corner time, then a caning to ensure you remember exactly how to behave, this session will be one you wont sleep through.

Mistress Vikki: This mistress enjoys enjoys bondage and discipline, and will smile sweetly while tying you in knots.

  • Helpless and Hurting: Do you crave being restrained, your body being manipulated, tossed and maneuvered? You can negotiate for rope bondage, mummifcation, pain play (pressure points, impact play, light trampling) and light humiliation with this scene.
  • Flogging and/or Whipping: Mistress loves to use her floggers and whips to make her little slaves jump and whimper. All experience levels welcome, Mistress Vikki can adjust her play style for sensation, light pain, or building to a crescendo.

ASPECC Spaces are Safe(r) Spaces. We have ZERO tolerance for bigotry, aggression and/or other hateful speech and behaviours. We are a queer friendly space run by folk who are varying degrees of queer themselves.

Q. If I don’t win, what else can I do at this event?
A. We have stations open to play at with consenting partner(s) or playmate(s), just like any other dungeon. We also have a few activities planned.

Q. What is the Kink Wheel?
A. It is a wheel you spin with the following things you can ”win”:
-10 swats with a hairbrush
-3 swats with a cane
-Restrained to bondage chair 5 minutes
-1 minute over the knee
-5 minutes as a foot stool
-Lick My Boots
-Evil Stick Experience
-Subs Choice

If you land on something you won’t do (and no worries, it is good to have limits), you can spin again ONE TIME. Then you either play or pass. No hard feelings.

Q. What is the transit/parking situation?

A. We are 2 blocks from Collesium LRT station, and there is residential street parking as well as front parking.

Q. What age is this event appropriate for?

A 18+

Q. Is this space accessible?

A. We have widened hallways, but are still waiting for the ramp from parking lot to sidewalk. Our bathroom are not barrier free yet. Still awaiting developmental permits. Still have questions? info@aspecc.ca or 587-520-3229 (Wed-Friday, Noon-5pm)