Name: Aurora

Pronouns: She/Her

Why do you want to be on the Board? I still think ASPECC is a really great organization and I want to continue to help shape and grow it.

What does Sex Positivity mean to you? Sex postivity means that sexuality is human nature, and we should demonize that part of ourselves.  It includes access to education and destigmatizing having conversations about these kinds of things.

An Important Skill  You Bring to the Board: My experience as a business student has given me knowledgea bout balancing the books in an organization suhc as ASPECC as well as tools and skills for administration and program roll out.  As a sex workers myself, I bring an intimate knowledge as to how society stimgatizes sex.

If you are on the board, what is one project or community support you would want to help build, change, or grow? I want to keep hosting the sex workers support circle.  This is a much needed support in the community, and is a for us by us program. 

Accomplishments as a board member /volunteer so far: Successfully ran the Sex workers support group, as well as supported the Pleasure Crew and educational events to ensure the continuance of sex positive spaces that hold a high bar for consent.