Name: Deana Bowman

Pronouns: She/Her

Why do you want to be on the Board?  I would love to help out with various things, but my primary purpose is to liaison between ASPECC’s board and anyone involved in the Neurodivergent Inclusion Project at

What does Sex Positivity mean to you? Such a complex question. Short answer: Looking at sex, sexual health, and sexuality from the viewpoint that it’s a part of everyone’s lives, throughout our lifespans, in all kinds of bodies (and brains). It’s a journey of understanding our selves, what we like/want/don’t want, and in understanding that others are on their own journeys (with their own lists) and also on their own timelines with learning these things about themselves and each other. It’s equally about the right to do things that feel good with our selves and others, without shame, with enthusiastic consent of all parties — and also the right to NOT do anything we don’t enthusiastically wish to do in that moment, or ever, and without shame for NOT doing those things.

An Important Skill  You Bring to the Board: I might represent some underrepresented viewpoints?

If you are on the board, what is one project or community support you would want to help build, change, or grow? ND Inclusion project, but happy to help with other things. 

Volunteer Accomplishments to Date: Worked with Angel to create the EMPOWER! Youth program and continue to work to spread word in the community and connect with organziations that have members of the neurodivergent community. I have also co-facilitated some workshops with Angel on inclusivity and diversity.  I am the curent team lead for Inclusivity at ASPECC.