Name: Violet Runge

Pronouns: She/Her

Why do you want to be on the Board? I feel like there are improvements to be made, and I want to participate in making that happen.  I believe in what ASPECC does, and sex positivity is very important to me. 

What does Sex Positivity mean to you? Sex positivitiy is destigmatizing the shame around sex, whether it is about wanting to have sex or not wanting to have sex.  Providing it is consensual, then what someone wants to do should be fine.  There is no right or wrong way to have sex, in my opinion.

An Important Skill  You Bring to the Board: I have a car!! Just kidding.  My ability to speak my mind (which is brought up to me repeatedly), supports the consensual, sex positivity in the space. 

If you are on the board, what is one project or community support you would want to help build, change, or grow? I would like to grow The Pleasure Crew.  This committee is in its fledgling stage.  I need to recruit supporters/volunteers to grow this program to see it begin to reach its potentail. 

Board / Volutneer Accomplishments to Note: I provide extensive supports to the admin by posting events, sorting data and many behind the scenes tasks. I am also the team lead for The Pleasure Crew, which brings in most of the funding to keep us open.