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You, Us, Community ♥

At ASPECC, we actively work hard to support other organizations, individuals and community minded groups in fostering a culture of respect, dignity, inclusivity and sex positivity!

We have advocates and educators available to speak at your events, to offer presentations, workshops, and activities to your team/group!

Guest Speakers

We have guest speakers available to speak on Gender, Sexuality, Consent, Sex Positivity and Healthy Relationships


We have readyto go presentations to offer to your team or group! These include “Creating Safer Spaces”, “Gender and Pronouns for Professionals” “Sex Positive Education Matters” and more! For a full, up to date list, click here.

Customized Presentations

Can’t find what you need? Email to see if they can work with you to create exactly what you need, tailored for your group/team!

Presentation Booking
Which type of Booking do you seek?

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