The Pleasure Crew is CLOSED until further notice. We are unable to keep events rolling due to the pandemic and resulting, neccessary, health mandates. We were trying to offer online programming, but due to the stressors of the pandemic our volunteers, and you wonderful, sexy folks, have been struggling to make this work. We reccomend you check out Aurora Social Club, as they are networking with swingers clubs to provide some online community sex positive fun.

If you are interested in offering an online social event, please email to arrange. We will support our sex positive community by providing a platform for you to host events online, promoting events and sex positive values on social media.

When this is over, we are oh, so going to have one AMAZING party.

~With Love
The Pleasure Crew Volunteer Team

The Pleasure Crew is a volunteer group that hosts shame free, 18+ events for two purposes:

  1. To help raise funds for ASPECC (all proceeds go directly to ASPECC)
  2. To provide shame free spaces that are affirmative consent based and queer friendly

Our events REQUIRE that you have The Pleasure Crew orientation card.  This means you need to take our orientation class once a year (AT LEAST), to be sure you are on the same page as far as conduct and expectations for behaviour go in the space.  Some events will also require that you have an ASPECC membership, which is a separate thing, find more info here.

Orientations run twice a month, check HERE for upcoming events.

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