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Eve’s Keegal Set


Weighted Kegel Balls and Electric Kegal Ball

Inspired by Eve’s Garden, the first sex shop that catered to women’s sexuality in the 1970s, these kegel balls are weightless while delivering powerful boost to your confidence.

Dell Williams, the founder of Eve’s Garden, made it her life’s work to help women feel more confident about sexual expression. So we’re standing up for ladies everywhere by providing you exactly what you need to feel comfortable in your own body.

These smooth, yet sturdy kegel balls work by strengthening your pelvic muscles, which can decrease discomfort during sex and help you achieve better bladder control. It’s the gentle, yet rigorous lift you need to feel more confident and ready for anything!

Key Features:

  • Scientifically weighted: A total weight of 250g, you receive two weighted kegel balls and one electric kegel ball scientifically measured to bring results. Pregnant women can use the two weighted balls, but not the electric version.
  • Designed by women: Measuring at 169 x 27 mm, 18×34 mm, and 143 x 34 mm, these kegel balls are soft and comfortable enough to use all day if desired
  • 10 long-lasting vibration modes: The electric kegel ball is USB rechargeable, delivering long-lasting, quiet power throughout the day
  • Smooth and safe: Smooth and flexible silicone and ABS provides a safe, worry-free experience without any harsh chemical side effects like other kegel balls
  • Waterproof: These kegel balls are waterproof, allowing for constant use and a convenient, easy-to-clean process


Always consult with a Pelvic Floor Therapist before investing in a full Kegel set. We are happy to provide you with the sexual health centres who can advise you on the best tools for your pelvic health needs.

We offer:

  • 30 nights of pleasure guarantee or your money back
  • Discreet Packaging 
  • 1:1 Customer Support


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