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Gender Diversity Audit Module


Our Gender Diversity Audit Training and Accountability Service


A video walking you through the audit process
An audit document with clear instructions and checklists to follow
Sample Transition Guide (TG)
Sample Inclusive Employment Opportunities Statement (IEOS)
Support via webmeetings (max 6 hours) with our teammembers
Certificate of Completion.
Periodic Reviews to keep you up to date with your inclusion policies

Your Certificate of Completion includes a QR scannable code that goes to a page on our site.
This page is dedicated to your companies inclusion of gender diverse employees and / or volunteers.
The page has your branding and Ours, with a statement of community committment to diversity.
It shows the date of your audit, the date of completing the reccomendations by your audit team.  It has your IEOS and can include any image or statement you wish to include as part of your public committment to diversity in your workplaces.

This page also has a “Tell us How We are Doing” section for your clients/patrons/customers/employees to use.  It allows them to note the things you are doing well, the things you need to improve, or if there is a serious area of concern.
This feedback goes to both ASPECC and your office.
If the feedback indicates a serious area of concern, you page will have a banner across it that states, “Periodic Review and Audit in Progress”.  Once the highlighted issue has been addressed, the banner dissapears, and audit date and completion date is renewed.  If applicable the person making the complaint will be emailed by ASPECC, to let them know that their concern was addressed.

In the event that your company recieves many negative reports, and your team does not address these concerns, the banner will remain on the site.  After six Months the page will instead have a “Review Awaits Company Response”.  After 12 months your page is replaced with “Audit Expired” Page.

This is our process.  You do not have to apply for the certificate.
If you have questions, please reach out to:


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