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The Pleasure Crew Membership


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This membership allows you access to The Pleasure Crew events, providing you have completed the orientation and access to the members-only area of The Pleasure Crew website…

Pleasure Crew Memberships

If you do NOT have an ASPECC Membership it is  $100/year for  or $15/month

Pleasure Crew Membership (non-aspecc member)


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If you DO have a valid ASPECC membership YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY for your PLEASURE CREW membership.  You DO need to complete the workshop and orientation.


Membership fees go to supplies (gloves, poly, cleaner, safety gear such as rope scissors).  Pleasure Crew Volunteers can get a complimentary monthly membership and one free event pass for every month that they volunteer for four or more hours.   ALL pleasure crew attendees must have a membership, memberships ARE NOT VALID without taking the orientation class.

The Pleasure Crew

With ASPECC Friendship Membership, With ASPECC FWB Membership, With Aurora Membership, Without ASPECC Membership

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