Sex Positive Resources

ASPECC both hosts and offers a variety of sex positive educational opportunities for the public.  These may take the form of a class, workshop, presentation, Q&A, demonstration, active learning, or participatory event.  Some are open to the general public, some to the adult public, some to VIP members.


Educational Topics can be divided into:

Relationship Enrichment

These workshops are aimed at those in relationships, with a focus on building the skills and tools required for enriching romantic, sexual and domestic based relationships.

Sex Positive Community Building

These workshops are great for everyone, with a wide variety of topics covered, from consent to intersectionality, with a focus on public awareness, sharing perspectives, learning about our communities and networking..

Sex Positive Exploration

These workshops are great for those wanting to explore something new! Workshops etc in this genre explore a wide variety of topics from BDSM to furries, swinging to polyamory.

Sexual Health (focuses on topics that are risk aware and/or risk reduction.  Includes information on toy hygiene, medical advances, HIV awareness, myth busting and even STI Screening).


These are held quarterly.   Panels have individuals who are willing to answer questions about their sexuality, gender, lifestyle, profession etc.

Educational Fairs

Fairs include our sexual health fairs, lifestyle fairs, vendor fairs consent fairs and so on.