Social Distancing at ASPECC


Social Distancing is a fancy term for reducing risks of contagious illnesses and diseases by not ‘’speaking moistly’’ at people. 


What that means at ASPECC

Folks who do not share space (intimate partners, roomates, cohorts) with those they are sitting with will need to wear masks or remain 6 feet away from one another. 


Folks who do share space can sit within 6 feet (if they so choose) without masks.


Folks are not to go within 6 feet of anyone at ASPECC that is not part of their “cohort” unless they and the person they are approaching is wearing a mask.





What is a Cohort?

When we are talking about self isolation and social distancing, everyone has their own risk reduction bar/needs.  Many of us self isolated, when told to shelter in place, due to this pandemic.  For some, this meant not socializing in person outside of work.  For others, this meant not being in contact with any other person (and everything in between).  Everyone had to balance their risks/needs in a way that worked for them.


As the first wave began to wind down, folks were really missing social contact.  It was recommended that if you were socially isolating, you could find others who were isolating with the same degree of risk/need choices as you, and form a cohort. 


This cohort would, ideally, agree to not add other people to their socialization circle during this pandemic.  It allowed many folks who are at high risk for death from this @$%@#$%@ pandemic to expand their social contact safely. 


For ASPECC, your cohort includes:


Your spouse/live-in partner

Your roomates

The folks you have swapped slobber with during the pandemic

And if you followed the above cohort protocol and added another household to your cohort, them as well.  


It does not include:

Someone you like but have not actively formed a cohort with

Our volunteers on duty

Random folks you would like to hook up with. 




At ASPECC You will be expected to socially distance by:


Maintaining a 6 foot distance in the line up to get in

Following the check in procedures

Using a mask when standing or sitting within 6 feet of someone not in your cohort

Only sharing unmasked seating space with folks in you cohort. 

Using excellent hand hygiene.