ASPECC is a grass roots nonprofit.  We rely on the generosity of sponsors to remain open, and to be able to offer our services to the general public.  Every sponsor is greatly appreciated!

We would like to thank the following organizations and individuals:

Cash Sponsors:

  • Canwest: $1000 donation
  • Igniting Passions $Various Cash donations, as well as partnering for events and item donations
  • Aropedeevil’s Corner $ongoing cash donations, item donations

Items, In Kind, Silent Auction Donations:

Igniting Passions, Aropedeevils Corner, Metro Cinema, Metal Works, Exotique Candles, The Keg, Pizza Hut, Paintball City, Laser City, Smarty Pantz, Hush, Lifestyles, Comic Strip, Fantasyland Hotel, Famosas, Excel Risk Insurance, Kink On Screen, EWOKD, Mindful Hedonism, Servant Sex Toys, Allison Tunis, Faerie Dancer, Aradia Fitness, Polyamory Edmonton, Earth’s General Store, Princess Hopeless, Canadian Lifestyles

Outstanding Individuals who have donated money and/or resources:

  • Anonymous S: Sound System, Music, Labour
  • Mickey & Clint: Kitchen Supplies,  Water, Time, Labour
  • Aaron, Karaoke gear, Karaoke nights, Fundraising
  • Andrew: Bathroom Supplies, Cleaning Supplies, Labour