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Start an ASPECC Chapter!

Have you been inspired by ASPECC, but disappointed to find we are not in your area yet?

Make it happen! Consider founding a new chapter in your community!  While it is a considerable amount of work to get started, we know, personally and organizationally, how rewarding it is to lead your community in positive, lasting change.  Read on to learn how you too can make it happen!

What is an ASPECC Chapter?

ASPECC Chapters are trained, peer-led groups that engage in year-round activities to support the growth of sex-positive values that include: acceptance and understanding of sexual diversity; dismantling gender norms that support sexually assaulting behaviours;  understanding of consent in relationships and intimacy to support empowered respectful connections; and creating opportunities for accessible, shame-free sex education that is comprehensive and inclusive.

Community needs regarding sex positivity vary from location to location, and therefore ASPECC Chapters use a local, flexible approach, rather than insisting that your community fits into a standard chapter mold.  Every ASPECC Chapter can choose which chapter modules to include, and when, in order to fit their community needs.

Who Can Start an ASPECC Chapter:

Anyone ages 14 and up can start a chapter, with the chapters of their choice.  For folk under 18, they will need an adult to agree to oversee the group (Aside from the Pleasure Crew module, which requires that all chapter members adults).  Choose whichever modules fit your needs, and get started!

All Chapter leads must first apply (see below).  Our team will reach out to connect with you via web meeting to ensure that our values align. The next step is to complete the ASPECC training (at no cost); submit a criminal record check, and choose your modules.

ASPECC Chapter Modules are:

ASPECC Consent Chapters engage their communities in learning about affirmative, empowered consent through workshops, presentations, activities, and led discussions.  This module can be started by anyone ages 12 and up

ASPECC Sexual Health And Wellness Chapters support their communities through workshops and access to resources to support their sexual health, relationship health, and self-empowerment.

ASPECC EMPOWER! Chapters offer social support groups for neurodivergent individuals and families to support self-advocacy, and understanding of emotions, thoughts, and behaviours, and to build resiliency and community for folk that often experience isolation.

ASPECC Youth Chapters offer queer youth support, hook youth up to local resources, and most importantly, provide safe space for youth who often face hatred, violence, and exclusion in other spaces

ASPECC LGBTQIA Chapters focus on supporting the needs of the queer community through building awareness, educating the public, and building supportive, inclusive environments in their community.

The Pleasure Crew Chapters offer adult events that support the sexual health and wellness of adults by providing spaces that have a high consent bar and zero tolerance for sexual aggression, racism, ableism, homophobia, and other hateful behaviours.




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