ASPECC is a registered nonprofit.  Our community centre and all of it’s programs rely on the generosity of folks such as yourselves.  Please give generously so that we can continue to offer our services and space to the Greater Edmonton Community.  There are many ways you can support us!

How To Help:

  1. Donate!! The costs of running a space this size with the diverse programming we offer requires regular incoming donations.  Every $5/month helps! Check out the donation link on our website: to set up your monthly donation!
  2. Have ties to local businesses that might want to help? Email us for a package!
  3. Order your gas cards, grocery cards, shopping, and dining carts through this link
  4. Shop online at a variety of stores and support us with

If you have any questions or want to lend a hand as we strive to increase our fundraising efforts, please reach out to  You can also apply as a volunteer HERE