Our Youth Fundraiser is HERE and supports the Queer Youth Art Club, The Queer Youth Social Club and the Pizza & Ice-Cream Social

We have raised $16,025 to date, which kept our youth program running from June 2018 to July 30 2019!!  (Huge thank you to the Edmonton Heritage Arts Council for the grant last year!)

Space Upgrade Fundraiser  is HEREPlease give generously.  We need to raise $6,000 in fees to finish mandatory upgrades for the space.

Consent Carnival  is HERE We are asking for donations to put on a Consent Carnival!  The costs of the guest speakers and some of the carnival set up gear is prohibitive to our budget, yet we feel this event would be an incredible community engagement project to let folks come out and learn how to up their consent game!  We require $4500 to put on this carnival.

Shame Free Equipment Fundraiser is HERE!  This just launched!!  ASPECC is looking to add to our shame free collection for the events hosted here by other groups such as The Pleasure Crew.  These events keep us open, with all ticket fees being donated to ASPECC to cover costs of running the space.