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The Pleasure Crew is CLOSED until further notice. We are unable to keep events rolling due to the pandemic and resulting, necessary, health mandates. We were trying to offer online programming, but due to the stressors of the pandemic our volunteers, and you wonderful sexy folks, have been struggling to make this work. We recommend you check out Aurora Social Club, as they are networking with swingers clubs to provide some online community sex-positive fun.

We will continue to support our sex positive community by providing a platform for you to host events online, promoting events and sex positive values on social media. If you are interested in hosting an online social event, please Contact Us to arrange your event!

When this is over, we are oh, so going to have one AMAZING party.

~With Much Love
The Pleasure Crew Volunteer Team

Upcoming Pleasure Crew Events


Sex Positive

Sex positive is a term to reflect a set of values, beliefs and attitudes regarding sexual activity as a healthy, pleasurable form of human expression. At ASPECC we promote and embrace consensual sexuality in all its diversity. Active consent plays an integral role in our sex positivity and is strictly required to be utilized at the centre.

Sexuality is a very diverse topic that includes the type of people we are attracted to, the types of activities that bring us sexual pleasure, and the freedom to celebrate our sexuality in ways that are meaningful to us. At ASPECC we are always seeking ways to help others find comfort with their own sexuality and to learn and accept the sexuality of others.

Sex positivity encourages open and safe communication, ethics, consent, empowerment of sexual minorities, and the resolution of various social problems that are associated with sexuality.

Safe(r) Space

Safe(r) Space

ASPECC spaces are SAFE(R) SPACES, meaning we have zero tolerance for discrimination, prejudicial behaviour, bullying, harassment or any other disruptive or negative behaviours. We have strict rules against any hateful speech or actions. Those who cannot abide by these rules will be unable to attend the Centre. The Safe(r) Space Title above this paragraph can be clicked on to download our Safe(r) Space Guidelines.

​To be VERY clear:

At ASPECC we not only welcome persons of all sexualities, races, body types, genders, abilities, religions and cultures (and any other label you might wonder about), we will uphold the right of all members to be treated with dignity, respect and decency.

Anyone who wishes to demonstrate aggressive or hateful behaviours will be removed from the premises. Our staff is trained to handle all complaints regarding aggression and discrimination. PLEASE, if you have any problems with any staff or attendee, notify us at your earliest convenience.

Attending an event for the first time may seem overwhelming so we have a PowerPoint that will help you navigate your way through the etiquette, behaviour and give you information that will hopefully ease any apprehension you may have about attending.

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