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Meet the Team

The Pleasure Crew

Sex Positive, Consent Focused, Adult Events

The Pleasure Crew is a volunteer run social group that offers Sex Positive Events, ranging from BDSM/Kink to Nudist and Pleasure Based fun. MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED. Our house rules are focused on supporting ANTI-OPPRESSIVE values, and we have a robust orientation webinar that you MUST attend yearly in order to obtain your membership. Our spaces are more than ”inclusive” as they are run and organized by a diverse group of folk. Our expectations for behaviour include navigating encounters with affirmative consent practices, being aware of one’s privilege, a willingness to be called in (or out), and actively working to check our biases regarding diversity and bodily autonomy.

Pleasure is a HUMAN RIGHT, and what pleasure looks like for us as individuals are diverse and that diversity is incredible. If you want to take part in a group that is shame-free and anti-oppressive, sign up for the orientation! Check out our website for more information! If you are interested in hosting an online social event, please Contact Us to arrange your event!

WE HAVE A NEW SPACE!!! Located right by MacEwan University, this space is VERY accessible, has showers!!! and Laundry!! and a VIP room with a jacuzzi!!! We are currently renovating and would love your help! Shoot us an email if you are interested in helping us with painting, finishing touches, and moving the gear and furniture in (for mid to late September when the construction is done).

~With Much Love
The Pleasure Crew Volunteer Team

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